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In 1926, Rev. Johann P. Wall and his family moved to Mexico.

This is my Great Grandfather, Johann P. Wall my dad’s Grandpa.  After i saw a picture of him in the book Village among Nations By: Royden Loewen i got all exited and started looking for him and this is what i found.  My grandpa's name is also Johann Wall, my dad's name is Johann Wall and i have a brother named Johann Wall and he has a son named Johann Wall.

Johann P. Wall, 1875-1961
Rev. Johann P. Wall was born June 16, 1875 to Peter Wall and Aganetha Vogt. He came to Canada with his parents from Russia in 1891. They arrived in Gretna, Manitoba, and in 1892, they lived at Neuhorst, Manitoba.

Johann P. Wall married on Nov. 11, 1894, to Anna Wiebe. She was born May 20, 1875, to Heinrich Wiebe and Maria Froese. Her parents lived at Rosengard, Manitoba. They came to Canada on the S.S. Peruvian, which arrived in Quebec City on July 13.1875.

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Minister on Nov. 10, 1903. He was elected as a delegate together with Johann Wall of Neuan\age in 1919, to find a new for his people. In Sept. of 1918, Rev. Johann P. Wall had written a letter to the Honorable Arthur Meighen to express their reasons for s leaving Canada. "Jesus said, when you are expelled from one city fly to another and we must follow the preceipts of Jesus our Master no matter how hard it must be for us to leave and our dearly beloved Canada, and see whether we could live in another corner where we could live in accordance with our faith."

His wife passed away in 1920 and he then married the widow of Rev. Johann Wall. In 1926, Rev. Johann P. Wall and his family moved to Mexico where he continued to serve as a minister for a total of 57 years. He lived to be 86 years old, dying in Mexico in 1961. During this time he preached 1,536 sermons; he married 162 couples and preached at 217 funerals.

He was known for a few things. When it came to the question of private schools he was seen as one who did not compromise on principle. He 'was very gifted when it came to speaking a variety of languages, namely: English, High and Low German, Spanish and Russian. He also loved horses and was, therefore, often nicknamed "cowboy and preacher."
Rev. Johann P. Wall moved to Saskatchewan in 1899 and homesteaded NW 22, Tp41, R4, W of 3rd, west of Hague.

In 1899, he broke 27 acres and cropped 6 acres; in 1900, he broke 35 acres and cropped 42: In 1901, he broke 35 acres and cropped 57: in 1902, he broke 20 acres and cropped 97. He built a 24x32 ft. house in the village of Hochfeld valued at $200. He also built a stable, a granary, a shed and dug two wells all valued at $250. In 1902, 'he owned five head of cattle, five horses and three pigs.

Rev. Johann P. Wall was ordained as an Old Colony minister ... [line missing].

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